Mary (_marygrint) wrote in obviouslymental,

Hey everyone :)

My name is Mary, and I absolutely love the Good Ship! It's my first post, so I thought I'd bring something for all of you.

There's an author over at that is amazing. mywheezy has a lot of oneshots, and my favorite is I'm in Love With You, Hermione Granger. It has a companion story, but this one is really good. It's all about why Ron can't tell Hermione how he feels about her, and it's reallt original! She's also got a novel up, and has only posted the first chapter, but it's sooo good so far. There's an original character, but it's really good. It's called Bound Through You.

Oh, and SoraGirl writes some really cute R/Hr fics!

Read them - you'll love them!

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