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Obviously Mental

a Ron/Hermione Livejournal Community

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Welcome to Obviously Mental: a R/Hr livejournal community made for All Things R/Hr. You're most welcome to post any stories, icons, wallpapers, fic recommendations, theories, or just general squees - so long as it's R/Hr, we really don't mind! You're also welcome to fill out our little survey on your introduction post, if you so desire! But, before you do, a few rules:

(*) Absolutely NO netspeak. It's annoying, takes away certain elements of discussion, and will not be tolerated.
(*) No actor shipping. This is a Harry Potter community, not one that's meant to impose on real people's lives.
(*) Even if you're not a R/Hr shipper, you're still welcome to post, although we have to express that absolutely no bashing of our ship will be tolerated. It's not that we're not open to other opinions; it's just that this is a R/Hr community created for R/Hr fans and, as such, we have every right to keep it as a shrine to our favourite pairing.
(*) By the same token, we also will not allow any bashing of any other ships from the R/Hrs. This community is meant to be an interactive shrine for R/Hr, and it will not stay that way if every other post is expressing its disgust to other ships!
(*) We expect good manners and courtesy from all of our members. Let's keep this friendly!

And that's it! Any questions can be emailed to jules @ theinkpen.net or vienna @ hisokani.org (both without spaces), otherwise, have fun and get posting! :D

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